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Top 5 reasons to listen to Cry Monster Cry:

5. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a band with a name like that?

4. They’re Irish. And brothers. And good looking.

3. They’re folk singers.

2. They care a great deal about their fans.

1. Their music is beautiful and true and fantastic and they are easily one of my new favorite bands.

And if you don’t believe me, just listen to the song in this post. Brilliant.

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Goldfrapp - Happiness

Anonymous asked: lovely sidebar gif, guurl. great playlist. take care.

Thank you anon. :D

Christof Music


We notice that a lot of posts on Tumblr refer to the search for great new music. We are about to make a suggestion.

This year we were lucky enough to do a tour with a very talented man from Holland called Christof. He supported us on a few dates around Ireland. Christof had just finished a tour with The Staves who had just finished a tour with Bon Iver.

We have outlined this chain of great musicians to show you the importance of checking Christof out. The link above is to his Facebook page. Please like it and tell him Cry Monster Cry sent you. You won’t regret it,  he is honestly one of our favourite artists and we specifically requested him to come over from London for our tour. You will also find on his page a link to his debut EP which just went live on iTunes.